CNC Mini Combo Polygon Lathe

CNC Mini Combo Polygon Lathe
CNC Mini Combo Polygon Lathe


CNC Combo Polygon Lathe is a very rigid and high performance machine which has the functions of both CNC lathe and polygon milling in a single unit. This machine has a CNC controller with four servo motors – two for axes and the other two for driving two spindles. The polygon turning and cutting operations are performed by CNC controller with X & Z axes driven by servo motors embedded with absolute encoder. Since the functions of two machines are performed in one unit, power consumption is reduced and requires less labour and space. The time taken for shifting from one job to another is reduced to a large extent making it a very beneficial investment.

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Model UNIT
Capacity Max. turning diameter Ømm 45
Max. turning length mm 50
Spindle Max. speed rpm 2500
Spindle nose A2-6
Spindle bore Ømm 40
Bar capacity Ømm 30
Feed rate X/Z axis rapid traverse M/min. 15
Stroke X axis stroke mm 100
Y axis stroke mm 100
Turret No. of turret station unit 8
Turret type Pragathi BTP63
Polygon Polygon cutter type Brisk tech
Tool size □mm 16 x 16
Motors Spindle motor KW/HP 3.7/5
Servo motor, X axis KW 1
Servo motor, Z axis KW 1
Live tool Spindle KW/rpm 2.2/3000
Hydraulic pump HP 1
Lubrication pump HP 1/4
Coolant pump KW 0.2
CNC Mitsubishi E70
Machine size Length mm 1780
Width mm 1500
Height mm 1550
Net weight Kgs 2300 Apx