Mini Lathe

Mini Lathe


The Mini Lathe is a high precision CNC turning centre with a CNC system , high precision ball screws ,linear motor guide ways and with a linear tool. The x-axis and z-axis are driven by servo motors that are embedded with absolute encoder. This model does all the function like turning , threading, grooving, facing and chamfering without the turret. It is more economical and relaiable.

We at Brisk Tech Engineers have the knowledge and expertise in manufacturing superior quality CNC mini lathe for various needs in different sectors. We are the leading company for finest and most affordable CNC mini lathe manufacturers.


Job Holding Collet chuck
Job Clamping By Hydraulic
Spindle motor 3.2 kw /10000RPM
Spindle rpm varies  Servo System
Tool head X-axise 150 mm
Tool Head Z-axis Stroke 150mm
X-axis servomotor 3Nm/2000rpm- With Absolute Encoder
Z-axis Servo Motor 3Nm/2000rpm – With Absolute Encoder
Positioning accuracy 0.01 mm
Centralised Lubrication ¼ hp
Axes Movement With LM Guideway
Rapid traverse 15m/s
Tool Port  Linear Tool
Coolant Pump 0.2 KW
Control voltage 220 VAC/ 24VDC
Main Power Supply 3 Ph-415V- 50Hz